Autumn Soil

Buy crops, wait for them to grow, harvest them for money and buy more land to grow your farming empire!


*Autumn Soil was made in the last 4 days of the #GreatHarvestGameJam*


--Windows Build Recommended For Best Experience --

Web(HTML), Linux and MAC builds are all Untested builds!

Saving does not work for Web(HTML) please download the game to save your progress. To start again in Web(HTML) refresh the page.

PlatformsmacOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tags2D, Farming, Isometric, Pixel Art, Short, Top-Down

Install instructions

For All Builds Download and UNZIP the zip files then run the corresponding Game File (EXE).


AutumnSoilGame(Windows 64bit).zip 18 MB
AutumnSoilGame(Linux_UnTested).zip 30 MB
AutumnSoilGame(MAC_UnTested).zip 21 MB


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This game looks interesting. Do you mind if I test it on MacOS (Big Sur 1.15) and let you know if any bugs are present?

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Hello Chip,

You absolutely can, I do need to let you know I have no idea where the project files are for this game anymore so I would be unable to make updates if there are major bugs at this time. I have been thinking about revisiting this game for a while though but just don't have the time currently.

I am glad you are interested in the game though and would appreciate any feedback on it so if I get around to remaking it I will have a better idea where to start.


- Jay

The test begins...


damn. this a test or a baby? lol

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I'm hooked! It's a great management style, farming game. Especially with the isometric view, every tile looks very pleasing and is easily interacted with. 

I played for about 30 mins and I like the speed at which you progress. However, since you must click each tile to harvest and replant, it becomes challenging once you have an entire field growing- I can't keep up! Perhaps some sort of click and drag input, or a tractor element you could unlock?  Anyway, great game!


Hi Kyle!

Super happy you had a good time with the game, I personally love the idea for a tractor/area harvest feature!

Thanks again for trying the game out!



really fun game, but if you dont have enough money at the beginning you cant plant anymore pumpkins, so the game soft-locks it self.


First of all thank you very much for trying it out!

Yes soft/hard locking is a possibility with the current build (sorry).

I figured it happens early on enough that it wouldn't matter for the jam version, so people could just start over and try not to spend all their money :D, I fully understand it sucks and is not ideal at all, but I just simply ran out of time and energy on my end.

Again I really appreciate you taking the time to play and leaving feedback! Anymore feedback you have is most welcome as well!

Hope you enjoy your time with it.



did i say fun? I meant better than most games